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China CNC Marchine Tool Fair 2014 (CCMT2014)

CNC machining center belongs to high precision and high density processing equipment, and daily correct maintenance has a very important impact on improving the machining accuracy and efficiency of the machining center.
Next, we will go straight to the theme, how to do daily maintenance, first understand the maintenance scope of the CNC machining center, and then operate in a light car.
1. Remove debris from all parts, and wipe the guide surface of each middle and small towing board and the sliding surface of the sleeve of the tail seat of the bed;
2. Wipe the wire rod, polished rod and clutch pull rod;
3. Wipe the dust and oil on the surface of motors, electrical boxes, belt cover and other parts, and wipe the cooling pump and tool accessories;
4. Check whether the oil surface of the bedside box is refueled to the oil mark position;
5. Add lubricating oil to guide rail surface, liner face of tail seat and other parts of oil nozzle groove, and add butter to butter cup.

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