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XL6336/XL6336C/XL6336CL Series Turret Milling Machine

XL6336/XL6336C/XL6336CL Series Turret Milling Machine

Specification Unit XL6336 XL6336C XL6336CL
Table size mm 1325×360 1600×360
Table travel (X/Y/Z) mm 750/320/460 1100/320/450 1300/320/450
Table feed (X/Y/Z) mm/min 30-750/20-500/15-375
Table rapid speed (X/Y/Z) mm/min 1200/800/600
Spindle taper 7:24 ISO50(Horizontal)   7:24 ISO40(Vertical)
Stroke of vertical spindle quill mm 140
Distance between vertical
spindle nose and table surface
mm 220-660 200-650
Distance between horizontal
spindle center axis and table surface
mm 20-480 20-470
Distance between horizontal
spindle center axis and arm surface
mm 245
Spindle speed range r/min Horizontal:60-1800(12 steps)
Vertical:65-4660(16 steps)
T-slot(Number/Width/Distance) 3/18/80
Arm travel mm 550
Main motor power KW 5.5KW(Horizontal)   3.7KW or 5.5KW(Vertical)
Torque of X/Y/Z axis AC servo motor N.m 10
Overall size mm 1800×2100×2500 2245×2100×2500 2520×2100×2500
Net weight Kg 2710 2730 2800


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